The Difference

Budget Movers doesn’t play games with the scheduling of moves. Some other companies will overschedule their weekends and then decide which moves to cancel at the last minute. We don’t nickel and dime you with extra charges for stairs, appliances, disassembly/assembly of furniture, blankets, etc. All dollys and quilted moving pads are included in the price. The only extra charge we will have is for moving small pianos. We keep our prices low by saving money on our trucks and advertising. We don’t have the newest and nicest trucks, but that means you don’t have to pay for the newest and nicest trucks. Our trucks have character, but do just as good a job as a new shiny, and expensive, truck. This allows us to keep our prices low. We have all the licensing and insurance required by the State of Oklahoma. Fly by night movers who advertise on Craigslist usually don’t have either so that cheap move could turn out to be very expensive if there are problems with your move. It’s not worth hiring a mover off Craigslist with your keepsakes and personal possessions. We’ve been in business since 1991 so our movers have seen it all. Moving your furniture safely and efficiently isn’t about having muscled up men. It’s usually better to work smarter rather than harder. Our crews know how to maneuver large pieces through narrow doorway and up winding stairs. In these situations you need movers who can finesse the piece rather than force it with brute strength. Don’t rely on muscle heads to throw your fragile items into the back of a truck. If you schedule a move with us we won’t leave you high and dry on the day of your move. We will show up ready to work. Hire Budget Movers and save a back or two.