Packing Procedures

Packing tips

  • Pack one room at a time keeping everything from that room in the same boxes.
  • Separate important and sentimental documents like children’s health records, passports, family records, insurance information and photo albums to be easily and quickly accessible.
  • Pack books and other heavy items in smaller boxes.
  • Always seal boxes with packing or moving tape. Don’t interlock tops. Avoid duct tape.
  • Don’t use boxes without tops as it makes it difficult to stack boxes in the moving truck.
  • Pack as many items as possible into boxes. Boxing not only protects items during the move, but allows the movers to transport as many items as possible during each trip to/from the moving truck.
  • Clearly label all boxes or number boxes and keep track of contents in a separate inventory sheet.
  • Always pack electronics in original boxes when possible.
  • Wrap fine china in blank newsprint, not printed newspaper.
  • Use bedding, towels and other textile items inside boxes as cushioning for larger fragile items.