Moving Tips

Moving tips

  • Reserve moving company up to four weeks before moving day.
  • Review the owner’s manual for your large appliances to see if there are any special moving instructions.
  • Pack an essential box that includes all items you will need immediately after the move. Place this item on the back of the moving truck or keep it in your own vehicle.
  • Begin the process of cleaning out closets, attic, basement and garage immediately after deciding to move. These areas often take much longer than you think to clean out and prepare for the move.
  • Don’t wait until moving day to say goodbye to friends and neighbors. This day is already stressful enough so plan ahead for farewells and hugs.
  • Make a list of utilities, subscriptions and services to be cancelled or transferred to the new location.
  • Gather your children’s favorite things before the move, and avoid getting rid of anything too close to moving. Moving day can be hard enough on children.
  • Make plans to move hazardous materials such as gasoline, bottled gases and other flammables, ammunition and explosives independent from the moving company. Moving companies will not move these items.
  • Submit change of address forms during the month leading up to your move.
  • Assemble a cleaning kit that you will use for last minute cleaning like broom and dust pan, mop and bucket, dust cloth, spray cleaners and soap.
  • Have plenty of drinks and snacks for moving day.
  • Clean your stove.
  • Clean out the fridge and defrost it the day before the move.
  • Have plenty of cash on hand for last minute or unexpected expenses.